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Funded Provision

Our programmes are funded through ESF and run between 13 – 15 months.

We offer the following programmes:

What does the course include?

The Apprenticeship training comprises of 4 parts:

The Competency Element

This NVQ allows students to demonstrate their abilities in the working environment, whilst working with their teams, seniors and stakeholders.  Evidence can be collected in a number of ways, through student produced evidence, Professional Statements, Expert Witness Testimonies, Tutor Lead Statements, Professional Discussion, Written Answers to Questions.

The Knowledge Element

The Technical Diploma explores the core skills, knowledge and prepares the foundations needed to manage a team. Learners examine through assignments, essays and case studies different aspects of management and leadership, whilst developing solid business skills.  Students also develop skills in plan, project management, resource management, decision making and day-to-day management of their department/division.


The final two elements are the development of Personal learning and Thinking Skills, which is embedded in the knowledge and competency elements of training and Employment Rights, and Responsibilities where legal knowledge is checked through completion of a workbook.

Delivery Method:

Mainly a blended approach, including learners being visited twice per month, normally for an afternoon or morning session (3 hours), with 3 or more learners in the same workplace, this is normally a day session (10am – 4pm).  Learners are also advised that work is not to be completed at home, however, our learners enjoy the notion of studying and like to work from home on an evening or a weekend to complete their assignments – we advise no more than 15 hours per month doing this.

Methods of Assessment:

Product Evidence, Witness Testimony, Questioning, Expert Witness Testimony, Assignment, Case Study, Observation, Accredited Prior Learning, Group Sessions and Professional Discussion, examination

Are you eligible?

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